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Our Team

The Wellness Solutions team comes from a variety of backgrounds and industries, including physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, security professionals, prescription medical equipment providers, and members of the Maryland business community.

Our leadership team are respected experts in their field and offer a tremendous breadth of experience to our organization for physicians and their patients.

Clinical Director

Our Clinical Director plays a critical role as Clinical Director of the dispensary. He has served Maryland as a licensed pharmacist since 1968, and served as the area supervisor for all the Neighbor Care pharmacies in Maryland. He works closely with the Emergency Preparedness Task Force and has worked with law enforcement agencies for controlled drug substance abuse. As a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, and honorary past president of the Maryland Pharmaceutical Association, he recognizes that cannabis has excellent potential and effectiveness as a regulated drug, and under appropriate circumstances deserves a role in the physicians’ toolbox of therapies.

Medical Director

Our Medical Director is a licensed practicing psychiatrist for over 40 years, an expert on addiction behavior. He served as clinical director for three area alcohol rehabilitation centers, and taught medicine at Johns Hopkins medical school. He is heavily engaged in our community, having served with 22 different charities over the past 30 years.

Director of Security and Security Training

Our Director of Security and Security Training teaches anti-drug courses to Parent Teacher Associations, church groups and provides consulting on anti-diversion to some of our nation’s largest pharmaceutical chains. As a narcotics detective in the Baltimore County Police Force, he served on joint drug task forces with the DEA. Most notably, he is called on to teach courses related to illegal pharmaceutical diversion to Baltimore’s judges, assistant states attorney’s and pharmacy fraternal organizations.